The Ultimate Crisis

There is, perhaps, no greater crisis in the life of a company than its CEO dying by his own hand. Suicide leaves many unanswered questions about the executive, the executive’s family life and, of course, the company. Even if the CEO leaves a note, it might not stop the fear that the company is in trouble. The communicator and surviving executives’ first duty after expressions of sorrow is to assure employees,vendors and customers that the company will continue. If the company is in difficulty, it is time for a take-charge leader to guide the company out of it. If it isn’t, the assurances should be that the company will continue on its present course for a time. Suicide is an extreme act. Usually circumstances are dire to cause a CEO to take it as a way out. It might be depression, hopelessness or frustration, but whatever the root, it leaves everyone associated with the company hanging with their own dark fears.