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Jim Horton, a senior executive at Marston Strategic Communications, and an adjunct professor at New York University’s Stern School, created as a comprehensive resource for public relations practitioners. The site has more than 2,300 links to news, research and PR resources. It contains more than 100 white papers/essays on communications topics, some 60 case studies, a guide to handling media interviews, various checklists, including an online PR audit, an interactive media planning guide and newsgroup posting analysis, and a detailed outline for an advanced course on strategic communications. Jim has expanded, updated and maintained the site for 16 years, which has become a leading resource for public relations practitioners.

Jim also writes his own daily blog, Thoughts, which focuses on PR, reputation and communications. Read and follow Thoughts below.


Give Burger King points for a clever way to promote its Whopper hamburger sandwich.  As you can see, BK employs Google to explain the make-up of its product.  Google is not amused and has put a stop to it, but… Read More

Smart PR

One amenity the homeless lack is a place to clean clothes.  Anyone who stands near a homeless person on the subway can attest to that.  The pope also understands the issue and did something practical about it.  He opened a… Read More

Story Stock

Sometimes a stock with a good story will be valued more highly than traditional competitors.  Consider Tesla.  Investors have pushed its worth higher than Ford and nearly the equal of General Motors.  Yet, Tesla lost $674 million last year, while… Read More

PR Disaster

By now, if you haven’t seen this video and story, you don’t pay attention to news.  It is a PR disaster of United Airlines’ own making.  The first error was overbooking the flight. The second was forcibly removing a passenger… Read More

Good PR

This is good PR while at the same time a rebuke to the Trump administration.  The key, of course, is not just the sign but acceptance of foreigners when they arrive.  The xenophobia demonstrated by the government is not the… Read More


This kind of speculation needs to be shot down quickly.  Left unchallenged, it is damaging to the company and its customers.  The reporter used slim pretexts for a thesis that Apple is a company divided against itself.  There was a… Read More

Medicine Men

In the 19th and early 20th Century, medicine men selling potions made their rounds of large towns and small.  It made no matter to them that their cures were fake as long as a gullible public would buy.  That same fraud and… Read More

PR And Typefaces

How do you invent a typeface that looks the same in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, Cyrillic and Greek?  Google and Adobe have done it with the help of a number of type foundries.  What’s more, the developers have open-sourced the… Read More


The Los Angeles Times has torn into President Trump for Trump’s habit of lying.  The editorial is devastating and one wonders how anyone could recover from its words.  Trump probably won’t worry about it.  He doesn’t care.  The editorial posits… Read More

Proof Of Performance

It is easy to talk about difficult feats.  Doing them is proof of performance and at the core of public relations.  This is an example of walking the talk.  Never before has a company or space agency flown a second-hand… Read More