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Jim Horton, a senior executive at Marston Strategic Communications, and an adjunct professor at New York University’s Stern School, created as a comprehensive resource for public relations practitioners. The site has more than 2,300 links to news, research and PR resources. It contains more than 100 white papers/essays on communications topics, some 60 case studies, a guide to handling media interviews, various checklists, including an online PR audit, an interactive media planning guide and newsgroup posting analysis, and a detailed outline for an advanced course on strategic communications. Jim has expanded, updated and maintained the site for 16 years, which has become a leading resource for public relations practitioners.

Jim also writes his own daily blog, Thoughts, which focuses on PR, reputation and communications. Read and follow Thoughts below.

Nothing New

This article is nothing new. Any PR practitioner or marketer can tell what influences people and what doesn’t. The only difference is that the researcher is applying neuroscience to the question. There is a saw about persuasion that applies here. One… Read More

Tell Me What You Do

This rant against web sites that don’t tell people what a company does is on point. Too many firms get lost in big concepts and flowery words. It should be a rule of all web sites that on the landing page… Read More


Gatorade, the sports drink, was fined $300,000 for telling kids to avoid water. The company created a video game — Bolt! — in which the player feeds Gatorade to Usain Bolt to maximize his performance. If the player gives him water… Read More


President Trump has an effect on others, and it is not positive — for him, anyway. After complaining publicly about NFL players kneeling during the Star Spangled Banner, players linked arms and took a knee throughout the leagues yesterday. If that doesn’t demonstrate… Read More

Algorithm Headaches

Amazon is learning the hard way that computer algorithms are not perfect and can create problems. Consider here and here. In the first instance, its algorithms suggested bomb-making paraphernalia when one searched for an ingredient. In the second instance, it assumed thousands of women… Read More

Modern Slavery

A perfect PR challenge for the world’s companies is to combat slavery. More than 40 million people are held in bondage, most of them women and children. Companies can make headway in stamping out this crime by ensuring that none of… Read More

Protector Needs Protection

It is a blow to reputation when a security company needs protection because malware has compromised its software. That is what happened to Avast. Its CCCleaner for Windows software was harmed when hackers installed a backdoor in it. More than… Read More

Credibility Is Everything

Credibility is everything to an auditing firm, and that is why KPMG cleaned house in South Africa as a result of a scandal. An auditing firm cannot afford to fight regulators or to work through one with headlines detailing progress or lack of… Read More

Tone Deaf

If there is one commonalty of the Trump administration, it would be tone deafness. Here is one more case of failure to understand the perceptions of what one is doing. The result is another ding to the reputation of Steven Mnuchin, the… Read More

Absence of Credibility

Philip Morris International has pledged nearly $1 billion to fight smoking, but its critics don’t believe it. After all, the maker of Marlboro cigarettes spent billions fighting anti-tobacco activists for decades. Why should anyone believe them now? The company has a… Read More