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Jim Horton, a senior executive at Marston Strategic Communications, and an adjunct professor at New York University’s Stern School, created as a comprehensive resource for public relations practitioners. The site has more than 2,300 links to news, research and PR resources. It contains more than 100 white papers/essays on communications topics, some 60 case studies, a guide to handling media interviews, various checklists, including an online PR audit, an interactive media planning guide and newsgroup posting analysis, and a detailed outline for an advanced course on strategic communications. Jim has expanded, updated and maintained the site for 16 years, which has become a leading resource for public relations practitioners.

Jim also writes his own daily blog, Thoughts, which focuses on PR, reputation and communications. Read and follow Thoughts below.

Good PR Though Late

Charleston, SC is apologizing for its deep involvement in the slave trade nearly 200 years ago. It is late, but still a good step to acknowledge its error. Nothing can change the fact that nearly 100,000 slaves passed through its market. As… Read More

Crisis Of His Own Making, Part 2

As if Trump’s border difficulties aren’t enough of bad PR, he is doubling down on Chinese tariffs in another public relations and economic blunder. As noted yesterday, the Trump Administration will long serve as case studies in maladroit public relations and governance…. Read More

Crisis Of His Own Making

President Trump has stepped into another PR crisis of his own making. This time it is the separation of families at the border. Trump claims it is a Democratic law and the Democrats should change it. Impartial observers say the prior… Read More

Good PR

When you have scheduled the world’s longest flight of 19 hours and 9,000 nautical miles, one of your concerns should be passenger comfort. It is a long time to be sitting in a seat. That is why this is good PR…. Read More

Publicity Stunt

The venture capitalist calling for California to be divided into three parts might be serious, but the idea smacks of a publicity stunt that has made it to the ballot. There are so many things wrong with the proposal that it hardly… Read More

Corporate Power

Amazon and Starbucks have just shown their corporate power. They got the Seattle city council to roll back a tax increase that would have cost them tens of millions of dollars. Amazon did it by blunt force. It stopped work on one… Read More

Stepping In It

It seems a CEO can’t say anything without catching some flack. Consider this case. Twitter’s CEO posted a screen shot about his use of a Chik-fil-A’s mobile app and saving 10 percent on his order. The internet erupted in a barrage of… Read More

Diplomatic Show

President Trump is saying he’ll know in the first minute whether North Korea is ready to give up its nuclear missiles. If so, why does he need a summit? Kim Jong Un knows already how far he will go to… Read More

Always In The Future

The media have a bias of a kind. That is heralding the imminent arrival of the flying car. Reporters lap up hype from developers and publish again and again about the evanescent vehicles fated always to be in the future. Not… Read More


A leader can compromise his authority through ignorance. He should know basic facts, but doesn’t. As a result, his subordinates think less of him and his power of persuasion dwindles. Here is a case. Any school child can tell you the… Read More