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Jim Horton, a senior executive at Marston Strategic Communications, and an adjunct professor at New York University’s Stern School, created as a comprehensive resource for public relations practitioners. The site has more than 2,300 links to news, research and PR resources. It contains more than 100 white papers/essays on communications topics, some 60 case studies, a guide to handling media interviews, various checklists, including an online PR audit, an interactive media planning guide and newsgroup posting analysis, and a detailed outline for an advanced course on strategic communications. Jim has expanded, updated and maintained the site for 16 years, which has become a leading resource for public relations practitioners.

Jim also writes his own daily blog, Thoughts, which focuses on PR, reputation and communications. Read and follow Thoughts below.


Jamie Dimon, CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase, has engaged in conduct unbecoming for a leading business person.  He boasted publicly that he could beat President Trump in an election because he is “smarter” and he is as “tough” as Trump. Such self-promotion… Read More


PR practitioners should read this article in its entirety. It discusses search engines and what they are. The author makes the point that they are no longer indices of the internet but much more, which makes them complex to operate and to… Read More

A Mistake

Google committed an unforced error in failing to show before Congress to explain how it is protecting social media and search from outside influences. Congress took note. There was an empty chair in both hearings with the nameplate of Google before it…. Read More


In PR, we tell companies to speak out in a crisis and to be transparent, but sometimes silence might be better as events unfold because there is little one can say credibly. This might be the tactic the pope is following in… Read More

Faux Pas

At a funeral one is supposed to deliver a eulogy, not a diatribe based on one’s personal obsessions. That is why Aretha Franklin’s family is miffed about this pastor’s 50-minute speech. The fellow should have known better. He had presided at numerous… Read More


This article on the Harvard Business Review web site is something PR practitioners have said all along. Public relations is what you do and not what you say about yourself. Good PR might not have a media component at all. There… Read More

Code Word

There are code words to denigrate individuals and groups. One is the word “monkey” applied to African-Americans. That is why this statement from a white political candidate about his black opponent was objectionable. If he used the phrase without thought, it was serious… Read More

PR Problem

You have a PR problem when the White House comes after you. Just ask Google. Trump accuses the company of biasing the news in its search engine. Google has responded and denied that its algorithms are bent. Given the credibility of the current occupant… Read More

Man Of His Word

It is little things that define character in a person. This story highlights the sense of selfless duty that Senator John McCain brought to the office.  McCain had cajoled airlines for years to get a direct flight from Washington DC to Phoenix… Read More

Welcome Publicity

A Tesla semi truck is making its way across country alone without escorts or backup chargers. This is welcome news for the company, which has been receiving blows lately, especially for its ill-starred production of the Model 3 sedan. Elon Musk has… Read More