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Jim Horton, a senior executive at Marston Strategic Communications, and an adjunct professor at New York University’s Stern School, created as a comprehensive resource for public relations practitioners. The site has more than 2,300 links to news, research and PR resources. It contains more than 100 white papers/essays on communications topics, some 60 case studies, a guide to handling media interviews, various checklists, including an online PR audit, an interactive media planning guide and newsgroup posting analysis, and a detailed outline for an advanced course on strategic communications. Jim has expanded, updated and maintained the site for 16 years, which has become a leading resource for public relations practitioners.

Jim also writes his own daily blog, Thoughts, which focuses on PR, reputation and communications. Read and follow Thoughts below.

The Wages Of Hype

Elizabeth Holmes, the former CEO of Theranos, is earning the wages of hype. She is paying a $500,000 fine and is barred from serving as an officer or director of a corporation for 10 years. All this comes from overstating and… Read More

Sending A Message

At General Electric, you know when you haven’t done well if your bonus is cut. Imagine doing without it at all. That is the case this year at the ailing conglomerate. Only one of the top executives received any merit compensation. The… Read More


The governor of California, Jerry Brown, decided that what the high-tech state needed was a high-speed train. So, he promotes relentlessly a proposed link between Los Angeles and San Francisco that will pass through the Central Valley. As most boondoggles… Read More


Elon Musk is his own best PR practitioner. His most recent appearance at SXSW over the weekend allowed him to talk about his vision for settling Mars. It seems outrageous and utterly impractical, but he said he will have his Mars rocket… Read More


The news that the doors to the office of the Interior Secretary will cost $139,000 has raised concerns, especially after the HUD secretary spent $31,000 for a table. The spokeswoman for Interior made a strong case for the replacement and emphasized that… Read More


In my opinion, weather forecasters have low credibility, particularly when it comes to storms. They tend to hype the possibilities. The real-life situation on the ground may be, and often is, quite different. Over the years, I’ve tended to ignore… Read More


I wrote about an MIT study of Uber and Lyft and the low income of their drivers. It turns out the study was wrong, and its author has publicly admitted it. He is now in the process of recalculating his work…. Read More


United Airlines is embarrassed for what it almost did to employee bonuses. It had proposed to take away individual rewards and to conduct a lottery in which one employee would win $100,000 each quarter and other employees would win vacations, cars… Read More

End Game

The end game for many Uber drivers is poverty. They don’t earn enough from driving to make a living. Uber is not alone in this. Its competitor, Lyft, has the same challenge. This presents a PR problem for both companies. If drivers… Read More

Never Ending

Some crises never seem to go away. They just get worse. Such is the case of Equifax, which bungled a mammoth hack last year in which 145.5 million customers had their data stolen. It has now confirmed that an additional 24… Read More