This is the latest panacea¬†gullible citizens have taken up. One wonders how credulous people can be, but then it has always been that way long before medicine men toured towns and villages selling quack remedies. The mystifying part of the craze is that well educated people are engaging in it. It seems their university degrees did not produce critical thinking. They live in a semi-state of paranoia, convinced that nothing society offers is pure enough for their bodies. Thus, they eschew vaccinations, genetically modified foods and other conveniences modern society has developed. As PR practitioners we must acknowledge them, but we shouldn’t be held back by their beliefs. Companies like Monsanto, the producer of GM seeds, live with the protests of activists who say the corporations are poisoning the world. It makes no difference that their organisms have been tested thoroughly and found safe. There is a lack of trust that no amount of persuasion will cure.