Getting Tangled

Liars have a perennial problem — getting tangled in fabrications. They lie then lie again to cover the first lie and so forth. The problem comes when someone documents their words and shows the inconsistencies. Consider this example. President Trump lied… Read More


It takes a great deal for one’s mind to begin to comprehend a trillion. The number is so large it is unimaginable. The figure belongs to government debt or to data stored on computers. The news that Apple is now valued… Read More


One nightmare for executives is to be trapped by crises not of their own making and that come out of seeming nowhere. For example, like this one. Cardinal Kevin Farrell, head of the Vatican’s family and laity office, once served under… Read More

Can’t Get It Right

Chipotle Mexican Grill is snakebit. Yet another restaurant has had to go offline from food-borne illness. This time under the chain’s new CEO.  For some reason, Chipotles nationwide have suffered from poisoning outbreaks. The firm has changed its sourcing, logistics and… Read More

Social Media And Investing

Goldman Sachs has taken an interesting way to gauge the valuation of a company and its stock — buzz on social media. Its analysts used comments to warn on Tesla and its Model 3 sedan. Here is how they did it:… Read More

Behavioral Economics

Economics has become more interesting since the field moved to behavioral studies — what people actually do and not what they are mathematically supposed to do. This experiment shows how to cross the bridge between intention to pay debt and the action… Read More

Power Play

US airlines have submitted to China’s demand that they label Taiwan as part of China rather than a separate country. China has pulled a power play. Taiwan is separate in government, economics and culture. Nothing can change that, and the longer… Read More

Trust And Money

One of the foundations of trust in a society is its money. The public has to believe that it can use paper documents to purchase or pay for something. When that trust breaks down, the public will eschew notes and… Read More

Smart PR

When a 13-yer-old boy in Minneapolis started a hot dog stand, he didn’t have permits from the city. He was reported. But, instead of the city crashing down on him and putting him out of business, the bureaucrats went out of… Read More

Leadership Crisis

There is a leadership crisis when there is an unplanned succession. Who will take over? How will the company change? What’s to become of its market position? That is the worry Fiat Chrysler found itself in over the weekend. Its long-time… Read More