Brand Crisis

It is tragic enough that a business executive takes her own life. It is a crisis for a company that has her brand name. Kate Spade was a celebrity designer of handbags and accessories. Even though she had sold her company… Read More

Gaming The System

One way to turn off people is to be seen gaming a system. That’s what is happening in California where two Democratic candidates for governor are boosting Republican rivals in an effort to knock each other out of the two top spots… Read More


International relations is the art of making and keeping friends around the world. It is recognition that no matter how powerful a nation might be, there comes a time when it needs allies. Insulting friends isn’t done because one wants… Read More

Pipeline To God?

This televangelist risks ruining his ministry with his request for a $54 million private jet. The perception is one of greed. His flock could easily be excused for failing to believe the preacher has a pipeline to God, and God told him… Read More

Proper Response

Pharmaceutical company, Sanofi, ducked a controversy with a proper response. Comedian Roseanne Barr blamed Ambien, a Sanofi medication, for the racist tweet she let fly at a former counselor to President Obama. Sanofi responded with a bit of snark, “While all… Read More

Odd PR

A Swedish brewery is making and selling a beer that uses processed sewage water. It is its way of making a statement about the need to conserve and protect water. One wonders if Swedes can overcome the gag factor to try… Read More

Self-induced Crisis

President Trump is claiming a Democratic law is forcing the administration to break up families engaged in illegal immigration. He and his attorney general say there is nothing they can do to prevent it. Unfortunately, that is not true and the media… Read More


A number of high tech entrepreneurs and scientists are sounding an alarm about artificial intelligence (AI). They are afraid machines will take over and move against humans who will be defenseless. Notable naysayers include Elon Musk and the late Stephen Hawking. Those… Read More

A Liar

Trump’s spokesperson says it bothers her to be called a liar because one’s reputation is all one has. She is right about that, but her words belie her. The article cites four instances in which she lied about facts and says there… Read More

Bucking A Trend

It is deeply satisfying to be proven right when everyone says one is wrong. Target, the brick-and-mortar retailer, finds itself in that enviable position. Contrary to conventional wisdom that retail is on the way out in an era of e-commerce,… Read More