There is nothing so dangerous as crowd action when it comes to investing. If everyone says it is time to get into a financial instrument, be it a mortgage or Bitcoin, it is then one should examine the premise on which the… Read More


This is the latest panacea gullible citizens have taken up. One wonders how credulous people can be, but then it has always been that way long before medicine men toured towns and villages selling quack remedies. The mystifying part of the… Read More


While legal marijuana is earning some respect after decades of prosecution, it is also changing the way the plant is grown and harvested. Small producers are being squeezed out and large ones are consolidating the market. There is a wide variety… Read More

Time Off

I’m taking the week between Christmas and New Years off. Happy holidays to everyone.

Chronic Crisis

Chipotle is fighting yet another case of foodborne illness. This time it occurred in one of its Los Angeles restaurants. The firm is in a chronic crisis caused by some kind of failure in its logistics. There should be no way… Read More

Poor PR

Homeopathic medicine, a quack approach to health, has poor PR. The FDA is now set to start regulating it. The administration pulled no punches with its decision. “In many cases, people may be placing their trust and money in therapies that… Read More

Failed Campaign

In spite of best efforts of authorities, people continue to text and drive. Or, they are reading their e-mail with their heads down. Or, they are yammering on the phone while steering through traffic. Nothing transportation agencies and law enforcement have… Read More

Perception Turns

Robert Mueller has been a relentless investigator of Russian meddling in US elections and held in high respect. Now, with one act, the perception has turned to that of a man out of control. This stems from the seizure of thousands… Read More

Who knows?

Omarosa Manigault Newman is leaving the Trump administration. Was she fired or did she choose to go voluntarily? The first reports were she was escorted from the building and left shouting in anger. Her version is the opposite. The answer is… Read More


Some Silicon Valley heavyweights are now admitting that its denizens were starry-eyed optimists when it came to creating and introducing new technology. They saw only the good side of humanity and failed to think about those who would do evil. They were… Read More