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a fantastic read Politics can be cynical and often are without a moral center. This is not the first time a bogeyman has been raised to boost an election, but it is so obvious Trump isn’t getting away with it. He painted the migrant caravan as… Read More

Faux Pas

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failblog online dating The National Rifle Association is nothing if not pugnacious. As a result, it committed this faux pas in putting down doctors. Telling them to “stay in their lane” and stay out of the gun control debate was a stupid mistake. Doctors are… Read More


Misuse of antibiotics worldwide has become a crisis. Some countries employ too few to control bacteria and some use too many, thereby increasing resistance to their efficacy. It is an issue of availability and communication. The World Health Organization has put out… Read More

Good Publicity

The memo Google’s CEO sent to employees about sexual harassment was good publicity. Only time will reveal if it was good PR. The reason is that public relations is what is done and not what is spun. Google’s employees know the… Read More


A pitiless human responsible for dozens of deaths and industrial-sized drug trafficking is petitioning a Federal court to be allowed to hug his wife. It seems he needs a little tenderness. The court would be within its rights to deny the… Read More

Puff Piece

It is not often one reads a puff piece for a hot dog stand. Here’s one. A celebrity chef has parked a cart outside an exclusive hotel on Manhattan’s upper east side. He is selling $6 dogs with all the fixings…. Read More

Too Much Publicity

There are situations in which too much publicity works against an organization. This is one. Amazon has apparently decided against one city for its second headquarters and is now considering two. This knocks the efforts 20 cities have made to gain… Read More


Democrats are hopeful today but tomorrow will answer their desire positively or negatively. The ultimate communication from citizens is the ballot box. If they are unhappy with an administration, they will express their sentiments by voting against it. So far, it… Read More