Bad Idea

It is a bad idea and poor PR to ignore a regulator. This is what happens.  The company, Triangle Pharmaceuticals, blew off the FDA’s requests for a recall of their kratom herbal supplement. The FDA wasn’t worried about kratom, itself a… Read More

Not Worried

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon and owner of the Washington Post, is being verbally assaulted these days, but he hardly should be worried. The attacker is President Trump, and as usual, the President has his facts wrong. The criticism… Read More

Hearst Redux

Sinclair Broadcast Group is receiving criticism for having its approximately 200 local TV stations read “a message about bias and fake stories in news outlets.”  It is seen as a pro-Trump move since Trump inveighs frequently about fake news. Sinclair, the… Read More


Tim Cook of Apple and Mark Zuckerberg aren’t getting along. The two are sniping at one another through the news media. Cook says Apple wouldn’t have been put in the position of losing customer data since it doesn’t monetize users’ information…. Read More

Multiple Meanings

Words have multiple meanings and their essence depends on the person saying it. Such is the case with “denuclearization” and North Korea.  Experts have already said that what Kim means by the word and what President Trump understands are far apart…. Read More

Tesla In Freefall

Elon Musk’s Tesla automobile company is finally facing reality, and it is ugly. The corporation has lost and continues to lose billions in its pursuit of manufacturing and merchandising electric vehicles. Musk is aware of the cliffs he has to climb… Read More

Waymo’s Answer

Publicity and perception of autonomous autos has turned negative since an Uber vehicle mowed down a bicyclist in Arizona and the company suspended tests. Waymo, Google’s company focused on self-driving cars, is confident it would have seen the person and… Read More


One way to achieve gun control is to stop buying guns. It is the ultimate form of economic communications. This is what happened to Remington Outdoors, which went into Chapter 11 yesterday. The company experienced a 30 percent sales slump in 2017 that… Read More

Positive PR

When it comes to the plight of refugees in Europe, Pope Francis has acted on his words of support for them by taking families back to Italy on his own plane. This is what public relations is all about — deeds not… Read More

Perception Can Kill

Police in Sacramento, CA shot down a black man who appeared to be carrying a weapon. It was a cell phone. The officers on the scene mistook the black slab of a cell for the barrel of a gun. It was… Read More