One good work of PR is to turn a spotlight onto deserving individuals who work in shadows. This is what the MacArthur Grants do, and here is this year’s group of winners. They are an eclectic mix of science, arts and… Read More


We know people lie, sometimes intentionally and at other times through a quirk in personal psychology. Here is a case in which the American public is lying about its preference for fast food.  It is not that they intentionally try to… Read More

Clay Feet

President Trump built his reputation on his entrepreneurial savvy, but now it seems he got his money from his father after all. A New York Times investigation into the Trump family’s finances shows tax finagling writ large and avoidance of inheritance tax a major… Read More

Another Blow

NASA, SpaceX and numerous other companies are flogging the possibility of deep space travel to Mars. But, problems in doing so keep cropping up and here is another one. Sending astronauts on long journeys is likely to destroy their intestines and… Read More

Crisis Aid

Walmart and other major fresh food suppliers are taking a major step to alleviate a perennial crisis – contaminated food.  hey are implementing a blockchain network that tracks fruits and vegetables from farm to store. The software has reduced the time it takes… Read More

Limits Of Publicity

Bump stocks, devices that turn semi-automatic rifles into machine guns, gained a horrid name in the Las Vegas massacre a year ago. There is no excuse for them and they should have been federally banned. A year later, they are still… Read More

Small Step has been blistered in reporting and on social media for its pay scale for warehouse workers. It has just announced a raise for its employees. The increase of two to four percent was at best a small step and will… Read More


One painful crisis for a company is when an employee sabotages its product and services. That is why this instance hurts. The worker was clearly trying to get fired by spitting into food while being filmed, but that makes no difference… Read More

Interesting Proposal

The UK’s Labour Party is proposing that as much as 10 percent of companies’ shares be set aside for employee ownership and as many as a third of board seats be reserved for employee directors. The British chambers of commerce predictably opposed… Read More


If one is going to make a dumb spelling mistake, it is probably better to do it where all can see. That way, it can be laughed off. Still, it is an embarrassment for Cathay Pacific, and it raises questions about… Read More