Quiet PR

Sometimes it is best to remain quiet and go about one’s business. Here is a case in which a company could have spoken out but decided against it. Lyft has been given a valuable opening with the troubles that have beset Uber…. Read More

Cleaner Than Clean

If you go after a President or one of his people, you need to be cleaner than clean. Otherwise, you are out. The media might tolerate mistakes when they involve a CEO, but not the leader of the United States. CNN… Read More

Too Little Too Late

The manufacturer of the cladding that burned on Grenfell Tower in London has now discontinued sales of the material. This is an example of too little too late. A number of news reports have discussed a prolonged argument against the cladding… Read More


Some people should be kept away from social media for their own protection. The President is one of those and so is this fellow. Their postings are egocentric, frequently false and just plain dumb. Rather than building a following, they… Read More


Search engine optimization has become a specialty within marketing and PR. There are good and bad ways of doing it and techniques need to change constantly to keep up with Google’s immense algorithms. The article discusses a number of methods,… Read More


Travis Kalanick has been dumped from scandal-ridden Uber, and it is an act of CEO accountability. Board members and investors determined the rot in the company’s culture extended from the top and came from an atmosphere of growth at all… Read More

The Personal Touch

A good deal of public relations is still the personal touch, the effort to meet people face to face and to hear them out. Politicians understand that and they make every effort to get down to where people live and… Read More

Clear And Present Danger

Britain is cracking down on militant speech in an effort to slow terrorist attacks. It is considering regulating the internet. In the US, the Supreme Court struck down a North Carolina law banning sex offenders from social media. It cited… Read More

Suspect Publicity

President Trump is meeting with high-tech executives to get ideas for how to reduce government expenditures. It will be a photo-op, but the practical results of the meeting are likely to be slim. The principle reason for this is that… Read More


When Jack Welch ran GE, he was hailed as the CEO of the Century. Now that his successor is stepping down, there are questions about how Welch ran the company and whether he accidentally set up Jeff Immelt to have… Read More