In The Pit

A politician must feel comfortable about his re-election to speak before a hostile audience. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida endured a town hall during which he was booed and lectured by angry participants. It was a PR disaster for him, especially since he… Read More

PR/Marketing Problem

Kentucky Fried Chicken has run out of chicken in the UK. It has had to close 2/3 of its 900 restaurants in the country because of the shortage.  The chain is making light of it but the situation is serious. There… Read More


Not Invented Here is a frequent slam used by entities facing unpleasant competition. They cannot take seriously a product or service, which they did not discover and develop. NASA is facing the NIH syndrome with SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket. Rather than… Read More

Can We Learn?

The NRA is once again defending ownership of guns while relatives prepare to bury 17 murdered students and teachers. An unanswered question is: “Can we learn from other countries what to do?”  Notably, Australia. The Land Down Under banned rapid fire firearms in 1996… Read More

Tough Sledding

If you are Huawei, how do you persuade the US government to use your telecommunications equipment?  The FBI, NSA and CIA have all cautioned Americans not to use its phones because of a chance of espionage. Huawei is successful throughout… Read More

He Knows

If there is one tech leader who knows about corporate hubris, it is Bill Gates. Microsoft battled with the Federal Government for years over its monopolistic approach to marketing. That is why his warning to the tech community should be taken seriously…. Read More

10 years?

The CEO of The New York Times is predicting that the print version of the paper has only 10 years before it is gone. That may be optimistic.  Older technologies have a way of hanging on long after their expiration date. Still,… Read More

Black Eye

Aetna Insurance has given a blow to its reputation. This comes from the admission of a former medical director that he never reviewed patients’ records before turning them down for procedures. Rather, he let nurses on staff make the decisions and he… Read More

Reputation At Risk

Amtrak has put its reputation at risk based on the number of accidents it has had recently. Some were not its fault — hitting a garbage truck on the tracks that didn’t belong there. Others are due to maintenance and human… Read More


The idea seemed good. An online tailor would use artificial intelligence to measure the size of a customer’s shirt. All the customer had to do was send in a photo of one his shirts and the computer would do the… Read More