MGM is engaged in dangerous litigation. It is suing victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas in order to release itself from responsibility for the disaster. Lawyers for the victims are outraged, as are the victims. On the other… Read More


President Trump’s press conference with Vladimir Putin yesterday has been condemned by members of both the Republican and Democratic Parties. The media haven’t been silent either. Anderson Cooper said, it was “perhaps one of the most disgraceful performances by an American… Read More

It’s Coming

The day of the robotic car on the racetrack is here. The autonomous vehicles aren’t competitive yet, but it is only a matter of time before they start to show in winners’ circles. This will have a profound PR effect on the… Read More

Too Good To Work

Build-A-Bear Workshops conducted a promotion that was too good to work and now has to deal with the wrath of disappointed customers. The creative idea was a “pay your age” discount. Rather than a usual price range of $20 to $35, a… Read More

Emerging Crisis

Bayer recently closed on the acquisition of Monsanto, and now, it is faced with an emerging crisis around Monsanto’s blockbuster weed killer, Roundup. A judge in San Francisco has allowed lawsuits to go forward that accuse the company of failing to warn… Read More

PR Brawl

President Trump announced the nominee for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, on Monday evening and already a multi-million dollar PR brawl has broken out. Democrats want to gain the votes of three Republicans against the nominee. Republicans want to gain the votes… Read More


The Brazilian soccer player, Neymar, is known for two things — his brilliance on the field and his over-acting when it comes to injury. During the World Cup, international audiences had a chance to see his hammy performances as he… Read More

Return Of Sanity?

Britain’s decision to leave the EU wasn’t right from the moment it was voted on. Now that the secretary for Brexit has abruptly left his post in the UK, there is a chance for sanity to return. The country stood to lose… Read More

Smart PR

Hawaii has passed a law banning certain sunscreens whose chemicals are thought to harm coral reefs. It is smart environmentalism and smart PR. The state has thrust itself into the forefront of places where efforts are being taken to keep reefs healthy…. Read More

Searing Spotlight

The world is paying attention to the 12 boys and their coach caught three miles inside a Thai cave. If anything goes wrong while divers extract them, it will be international news. This is a time when one doesn’t want to make… Read More