Beauty Pageant

Yet another city has entered the beauty pageant to win Amazon’s second headquarters prize. The promise of 50,000 jobs eventually and the prestige of having such a large e-commerce firm in one’s town has sent mayors and governors into a frenzy. One… Read More

In Control

There are times when proper public relations is to maintain an atmosphere of calm control. This is one. Cabin staff on airlines are supposed to be heavily trained for what to do in an emergency. It is a sign of professionalism… Read More

Rebuilding A Brand

Samsung is a case study in how to rebuild a brand after a disaster. The firm was on its back after its Galaxy Note 7 phones began to explode and melt down. The company was forced to recall millions it had already… Read More


I will take time off from blogging from Oct.10 through Oct. 15. I’ll be back on Oct. 16.

Bump Stocks

For once, the National Rifle Association is not opposing a gun control measure. It has announced it won’t fight a law banning bump stocks. The devices are not weapons in themselves but they turn semi-automatic rifles requiring a finger pull on the… Read More


Total Addressable Market (TAM) is a standard bit of hype included in venture capital presentations. It is usually a big number to indicate to funders that the company is working in a large sector of the economy and even capturing a… Read More

No Editors

The Las Vegas massacre proved again that news distribution requires human editors. Both Google’s and Facebook’s algorithms picked up and sent out phony stories from suspect sources that news people would have caught. Eventually real news came out but in the interim, there… Read More

What Now?

In PR we preach listening to your publics, but what if your publics want something that will rupture the organization permanently? This is the conundrum facing Spain in light of the Catalonian vote for independence. The public wants to break away from… Read More

It Just Might Work

Toys R Us, which put itself into bankruptcy, has ambitious plans for a turnaround and it just might work. The firm is going interactive with the public and engaging children in its aisles and in playrooms it will set up. The interactive… Read More

Anti-Nativist PR

America was founded and built by immigrants but you wouldn’t know it in the present cultural climate. There is a movement to roll up the welcome mat and slam shut the gates to the country. That is why this anti-nativist PR… Read More