Taking The Fall

This fellow is taking the fall for an error in contracting with Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer. He could have pointed to the former CEO who was a co-signatory on the agreement, but he didn’t. He took full responsibility. That is… Read More

Addressing A Challenge

Kaspersky Lab has been dogged with the suspicion that it is in cahoots with the Russian government and helping implant malware throughout the internet. Denials have done no good. Now the company is taking steps to move some of its core… Read More


Harley-Davidson is involved in a dumb tactic. It is about to rehash bad results at its annual meeting so it has barred the media from attending.  This is a change from its practice in previous years when it threw its function… Read More


Xerox, the once powerful and now forlorn, office equipment powerhouse is dangling with an uncertain future. It just called off its merger with Fujifilm under pressure from activist investors. It is replacing its CEO and making changes to the board of directors…. Read More

One Step Forward, One Backward

Google is contending with a PR problem surrounding its artificial intelligence voice. It is so good critics are condemning it as a violation of ethics and trust. The company unveiled the “voice” at its annual I/O conference and the audience cheered. Those who… Read More

Tough Customer Relations

What could be worse than to be on the receiving end of a customer Twitter stream in a faltering organization? That is the fate of customer relations representatives who serve the New York City subways and its decrepit system. They are in… Read More

Transparency – Sooner Or Later

One wonders whether government officials understand transparency. They try to hide intents only to have them discovered through the Freedom of Information Act. That is what happened to EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt. He tried to bamboozle the media by restricting public… Read More

Rat Poison

With this kind of negative publicity for Bitcoin, how can it survive? Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger have been negative about cryptocurrency for a long time. Calling it names is the latest in their barrage of blunt remarks. Despite enthusiasts who defend… Read More

Good PR

This is an example of what public relations is all about. SpaceX pioneered reusable rocket boosters and cargo carriers, which have cut down the cost of spaceflights dramatically. Each time one returns to earth safely, it is another feather in the… Read More

Wearing Out His Welcome

Elon Musk is wearing out his stature with investment analysts and the public. He insulted them on an earnings call and generated numerous stories about it. For example, here and here. He has been living a charmed life. Few entrepreneurs have been given the slack that… Read More