Who knows?

Omarosa Manigault Newman is leaving the Trump administration. Was she fired or did she choose to go voluntarily? The first reports were she was escorted from the building and left shouting in anger. Her version is the opposite. The answer is… Read More


Some Silicon Valley heavyweights are now admitting that its denizens were starry-eyed optimists when it came to creating and introducing new technology. They saw only the good side of humanity and failed to think about those who would do evil. They were… Read More

Without End

Google has a PR nightmare without end. It is its war against scammers who continually find new ways to rank high in search engine results.  When the company closes one door with its algorithm, the shysters find another and pile in until… Read More

Long Time Coming

President Trump has signed a directive to NASA to send men back to the moon and eventually, Mars. It has been a long time coming. Man hasn’t been to the moon since 1972, and Mars is a gleam in the eye of… Read More

Well Handled

A budding but incompetent terrorist set off a pipe bomb in a New York subway this morning. Authorities handled the incident well and over-communicated, as they should have, the particulars of the event to ease public concern. Only three people were hurt,… Read More


The greater fools are bidding up the price of Bitcoin by the hour. It is not going to stay that high and might even be breaking as I write. Some are going to get hurt badly, but that is the outcome… Read More

Fake PR

The internet has made one type of fake PR easier to do. That is putting names onto phony comments to the FCC. The Federal Communications Commission has been deluged with opinions for and against net neutrality. It turns out many of them… Read More


President Trump’s apparent decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital isn’t going down well with Israel’s neighbors. They are frothing at the mouth even though Jerusalem has been the de facto capital of the country for decades. Trump is about to cross… Read More

The Ultimate Crisis

There is, perhaps, no greater crisis in the life of a company than its CEO dying by his own hand. Suicide leaves many unanswered questions about the executive, the executive’s family life and, of course, the company. Even if the CEO leaves… Read More

The Tax Bill

If the Republican tax bill irresponsibly takes from the poor and middle class and gives to the rich, as is widely reported, the party will have a major communications problem in an election year. How do you explain to constituents that you… Read More