Possible But Not Probable

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The conflagrations of California with tens of thousands of structures burned has opened the question again of building for wildfires. It is possible to design and construct a structure that won’t go up in flames, but there is little chance of… Read More

A Thousand Words

The cliche that a picture is worth a thousand words proves true once again. The photo of a barefoot, diapered toddler wailing as she flees from tear gas at the Mexican border has gone viral. It has provoked condemnation of the… Read More

Step By Step

NASA has scheduled the first SpaceX flight with a Dragon crew capsule on board. It is a test. There will be no astronauts aboard. The space agency is taking progress step by step, leaving little to chance. When there are humans… Read More

Happy Thanksgiving

It is frigid on the East Coast and the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade participants are shivering. When I awoke at 8 this morning, the temperature was 16. That might not seem so bad for those who dwell in the upper Midwest,… Read More

Tragedy Of The Commons

One might think with the immensity of space there would be no tragedy of the commons where everyone uses orbital elevations and thereby wrecks them. But, that is how experts are seeing an upcoming SpaceX launch with 64+ Cubesat satellites. The… Read More

Future PR Crisis?

Pharmaceutical companies are going to Third World countries to test drugs. Part of their protocol is to infect volunteers with a disease then test treatments on them. So far, there have been no complaints from those who have been experimented on,… Read More


A company shouldn’t issue a threat lightly. It draws a public line which cannot be crossed without jeopardizing the business’ credibility if it doesn’t act. That is why this threat has implications for the EU. If the Union imposes a link tax… Read More