A Fool

A fool for a leader puts a strain on everyone who works for and is associated with him. One is constantly covering for the boss and bending ethical guidelines to explain that he did not mean what was said or he did mean it but in a selective way or he was right in a sense. One is left twisting mentally trying to make a wrong a right. The consequences of stupid statements and positions is that one is forced to justify what isn’t justifiable. It is a lousy place to be in for a PR practitioner, especially when the boss gets facts wrong and persists in flogging them. Fortunately, there aren’t too many fools left in leadership positions at American corporations. In fact, they are a rarity because they have been vetted on their way up the career ladder. Errant missiles are usually founders of corporations who never have been reined in by their boards, but even these are getting their comeuppance, as was demonstrated at Uber. Donald Trump is painful because he never acknowledged defeat in his business career and he never left off self-aggrandizing. He could twist any disaster into victory and expected those around him to support his position. As President his behavior has continued and he has put the country under strain. He is a fool who gives both business and politics a bad name.